Hi there and thanks a lot for visiting my site!!!

My name is Juan Puerta, I´m a Cg artist with 10 years of experience in different CG fields. Some years ago I finally decided that what I really wanted to focus on was creating game characters since this has been my passion since childhood. I started practicing a lot, learning everything I could about anatomy and form. Also restarted drawing, in order to train my eye… Finally I joined in the Game Artist Academy with Rich Diamant, and Patrick Murphy!! The journy is being one of the most awesome experiences in my life. So after a lot of work, sweat and laughs I feel confortable enough to say that I´m a Character Artist.

My main objective now is to work in the VideoGame industry, and collaborate with a team to do the best that I can to help make the best game possible.

I´m currently working at Good Game Studio, creating characters for a next generation of mobile games. And on my free time I try to keep improving my skills as much as I can to became the best character artist I can be.

Hope you like what you see, and please feel free to contact me for any reason 🙂