Black Claw

Hello guys!! a while ago I started this piece, it´s been a long journey since I don´t have much time this days, but I did enjoy doing it very much. It is based on an awesome concept by Nuare Studio, check it out here :

I had to change some stuff because of technical reasons, but I hope that the essence remains
This is a real time model about 60K, I wanted to keep him under 50, but the hair is a polycount killer man!!
Anyways I hope that you like it, thanks for watching

  • juan-puerta-black-claw-side
  • juan-puerta-black-claw-closer
  • juan-puerta-black-claw-down
  • juan-puerta-black-claw-back
  • juan-puerta-black-claw-front
  • juan-puerta-black-claw-wire
  • juan-puerta-black-claw-close2